Getting your Bot Ready

Creating an Application #

Ok so now we’ve installed all the required dependencies we can move on to actually working on getting your bot online. Please note that SupportBot does not work in multiple servers and we do not intend in changing that.

  1. Go to the Discord Developer Dashboard
  2. Click New Application and give your application a Name
  3. Now once thats done, Navigate to your Bot Tab located on the sidebar
  4. Click Add Bot
  5. On this page you’ll find your Bot Token, You’ll need this for the configuration file so copy it somewhere safe
  6. Before we can leave that page, Scroll down and enable the ALL the Privileged Gateway Intents

Inviting the Bot #

Now we’ve setup the application through discord, we can go ahead and invite it to your server.

  1. Continuing from where left off, Navigate to the OAuth2 Tab located on the sidebar
  2. Then you should see a drop-down appear, Click on URL-Generator
  3. For scopes you need to check the following BOT and APPLICATION.COMMANDS
  4. Scroll down and select the ADMINISTRATOR permission. The bot will not working with this permission.
  5. Below you will now see an invite link, Copy it and invite your bot!

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